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          Jiangsu Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Group Corp., Ltd.(Hereinafter is referred to as “Jiaerke”), founded in 1993, is a biomedical enterprise engaged in the R&D, manufacturing and marketing of steroidal Bulk APIs, intermediates, as well as health-care foods including capsules of sporoderm-broken ganoderma lucidum spore powder, capsules of ultra-micro morel and other nutritious ingredients.

          Our advantage

          Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals

          Jiaerke Pharmaceutical

          Strong strength

          Focus on steroid drug development
          Jiaerke Pharmaceutical

          Resource advantage

          Products are sold to many countries and regions with high visibility
          Jiaerke Pharmaceutical


          Obtained multiple national authoritative certifications to ensure quality
          Jiaerke Pharmaceutical

          Quality service

          Quick response to after-sales service, let you rest assured

          News Information


          2020 -06

          In the afternoon of March 16, Xu Xiaobo, Tianning District Mayor, along with his delegation investigated the foreign trade business of Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals. He was accompanied by the officials including Yang Qi, Director of the government office of Tianning District, Luo Zhiyong, Director of the Business Burea of Tianning District and Yu Guoxing, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor of Zhenglu Town. Jiang Chengyu, Chairman of Jiaerke, together with Ren Dingguo, General Manager and Huang Yan, Vice General Manager received the investigators.


          2020 -05

          In the afternoon of April 24, Jiangsu Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals Group held the economic operation analysis meeting of the first quarter to summarize the development of each member enterprise in the first quarter, analyze the impact of the epidemic and economic situation faced by them, check out difficulties and problems and discuss the countermeasures. Chairman, Jiang Chengyu, attended and made a speech at the meeting. Group President, Cao Xingnan, hosted the meeting. The general managers of the member enterprises and other members of the group attended the meeting.


          2020 -04

          From May 19 to 23, China Certification Center reviewed the operation of the ISO14001 and GB/T45001 management system of our company. Chairman, Jiang Chengyu, General Manager, Ren Dingguo, other top management, managers of the departments and directors of the workshops attended the opening meeting and closing meeting. The audit team consider that our EHS management system is operating consistently and effectively, and the system is well integrated with the business process.


          2020 -03

          In order to deeply implement the important instructions and the important remarks on production safety of Xi Jinping, the General Secretary of the CPC, to promote the implementation of the “Production Safety Law of the People's Republic of China” and to create a good environment for safety development, on June 11, Cai Xu, the party secretary of Tianning District People's Congress Standing Committee and Deputy Director, and his law enforcement inspection team conducted the production safety inspection in our company.


          2020 -01

          In order to review the work in 2019, sum up experience, commend the advanced and encourage the energy, deploy the work in 2020, mobilize all employees to forge ahead, work hard, and jointly promote the healthy and sustainable development of Jiaerke, on January 17, Jiaerke Pharmaceuticals held the 2019 annual summary commendation and 2020 annual work mobilization meeting.

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